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Homeless No More,Inc. 501 - C - 3 non-profit org.

What we do for the Homeless!!

Homeless No More , Inc
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What we do for the Homeless!!
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Currently we feed the homeless that cannot get to the soup kitchens, we take them hot food, and wash clothes to wash their faces after they eat.
We service the homeless that live under the overpass that is Interstate 85 South . 
These are the people that the other organizations  forget about according to the homeless that I have personally interviewed, You see I go to the source, I dont go by the media, as they tend to paint things the way they want them to be.    This is why we need your help.
We have until now,  used a neighborhood car dealers van,  and they have asked me not to mention their name, but anyway, they have sold the van that we were using, so now we have no transportation, now another friend, has donated a van to us, but it needs a transmission , so we are trying to raise  $2,500 , to buy a transmission, for our van, the van that they donated to us, is a 93 Ford AeroStar ,  please my good people, please help us raise the money we need to fix our van , so we can continue to help the homeless that cannot help themselves.
If you can , please donate , $1.00, $5.00s, $10.00s, $20, $50, $100.00 , $1,000, or whatever other amount you see fit to donate to us, please help us get back to helping the homeless.
For those of you that may have power to make a decision as far as donating vehicles from your lot, please let me know,  call me at: 770-666-6048
and let me know that you pledge your support with a donation of a vehicle from your lot, and I will issue you a reciept for your donated vehicle so you can write off the Blue Book price of the vehicle you donate. Please help us, and you will be blessed abundantly .
To my friends and neighbors, please !
We are in need of your support,  please I plead to all of you that visit our site, if you have a Truck or Van that you can donate to us, you can write off its value to our 501-C-3 .
As long as the vehicle is in good shape we only ask that it is an automatic transmission, as all of our volunteers don't know how to drive a stick shift. 
Thanks for stopping by, and if you can help us, please let us know, thanks and have a very blessed day, evening, or night.

If you want to donate@ homelessnomoreinc